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Who knew a simple lotion to nourish the skin contained a whole veer of impossible chemicals, a product that claims to be natural, had scarcely any natural ingredients? Who knew that a fatal accident would lead to the invention of this pure organic product? We, while producing Laval with utmost love and care, specifically focus on being an expert brand from the view of its organic authenticity. We totally understand that such authenticities do not arise overnight. In the same way, even Laval has a powerful underlying story behind setting this focus.





AVA Bespoke Service creates unique luxurious and experiential treatments specialised to befit your requirement.  

Be it is at a Spa, a fine group of Residences, a national Corporate chain, a Yacht or a Hotel, Ava Bespoke creates exclusive skin and hair care line to suit your ethos, ambience, and brand.

Our unique personalised Menus are our Hallmark and we are honoured to be the official partners of botique spas and hotels and create  sensorial rituals that are as indulgent as they are effective.


We create customised eco-luxe kits to suit your requirment, be a wedding or the nine moon months in your life.


Monogramming, Hand lettering, and expressive strokes of Brushed Handlettering, you imagine and we design the packaging to suit your brand ethos, occasion, and every other askance.

We provide specaislised beauty consultancy services to organisations and individuals across a wide spectrum, with global clients ranging from some of the world's leading hotels and spas.

Spa and Beauty Products
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