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About Us

Quarter of a century ago, in a tiny village nestled in the South of India, it all began as a gift of love. Call it cosmic union that led to a chance encounter with the MahaSiddhar, when Parasthaparthy visited to soothe her incorrigible skin ailment that wouldn't go away no matter what. Upon meeting, she was compelled by his life-force, infinite intelligence and divine playfulness, and agreed to try the balm he gave her, wrapped in a wild forest leaf.  In no time, she found relief and the skin began to heal. What was full of dark blisters and uneven tone forever became smooth glowing and lustrous.  When the result was transformative and miraculous and lauded by all, she knew she had to go back. He was enraptured with being alive and emanated wondrous wisdom and then revealed the secret lied in the ancient scriptures of "Siddha". Some days and some nights they stayed up till dawn reading exploring understanding imbibing and drinking all of his elixirs and sinking into a world of Living Scriptures. Reformed, enthused by her discovery, carrying the recipe and a basket full of balms, she returned to her world. Upon first application, the balm had a similar effect on all. The word spread and many murmurs and umpteen requests later,  her own experience led her to have a deep pure quest and a fervent yearning to help others. 

What you are seeking, seeks you. Call it a fortunate stroke of serendipity that she visited her uncle Dr Murlidharan, a trained doctor in Siddha medicine and spoke about her discovery. She spent summers in the Ashram, fascinated by the process of selecting herbs looking at their leaf size, smell and appearance and getting the exact composition right, and then the line up of antique jars, each holding a miracle cure for people with health ailments. Meeting the Maestro, the team was formed, deal was done and the Brand was born - 'Shristi', a Sanskrit name that translates to The Universe, The Brahamastra in Hindi. 

Shristi exploded into a line of personal care embedded on scriptures and science of Siddha. She watched person after person come in asking for help on their skin ailments  as she expertly blended in falcon bottles lining those shelves. 


The family business was committed to not let commercial priority douse the ethos of Shristi and kept the enterprise true to its commitment. The product formula was original golden and so potent, the Brand's patronage reached all corners of South of India, sans any marketing. Ever since, the family has blossomed the brand and passed on their commitment and spirit, along with their knowledge of the Science of Siddha, from mother to daughter counting 32 years to be precise. They acknowledge the recipe, to be the Secret Key, that is still the founding stone of the entire companytill date. 



Comitted to the cause of reinventing the power of age old time tested fomulations and make it relevant and friendly to all, Pritika sought exposure to the leading renowned aromatherapists to interweave the magic of olfactory notes of whole essential oils and botanical extracts with the science of Siddha, and Ava was born. Together the combination is potent, therapeutic and revitalising. The Proof is in the distinct texture, the aroma and the effect, for all to see! The organic and natural range uses sun dried pure herbs,  naturally found medicinal roots, all carefully sourced from their native landscapes which impart pure and natural benefits. 

The line is still Handcrafted, Artisanal and Made only in small batches to respectthe small shelf life.

Headquartered inSouth India,todaystill each bottle is concoted in the highest tradition of the companies original founder, Parthasarthy.


AVA Bespoke Service creates unique luxurious and experiential treatments specialised to befit your requirement.  

Be it is at a Spa, a fine group of Residences, a national Corporate chain, a Yacht or a Hotel, Ava Bespoke creates exclusive skin and hair care line to suit your ethos, ambience, and brand.

Our unique personalised Menus are our Hallmark and we are honoured to be the official partners of botique spas and hotels and create  sensorial rituals that are as indulgent as they are effective.


We create customised eco-luxe kits to suit your requirment, be a wedding or the nine moon months in your life.


Monogramming, Hand lettering, and expressive strokes of Brushed Handlettering, you imagine and we design the packaging to suit your brand ethos, occasion, and every other askance.

We provide specaislised beauty consultancy services to organisations and individuals across a wide spectrum, with global clients ranging from some of the world's leading hotels and spas.

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