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Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort!

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Luxury Collection

Our luxury collection includes a perfect combination of technology, health, nutrition

and natural and natural ingredients, which would easily turn out to be an inseparable part of daily beauty routine.

Essential Collection

Aimed to be among the trendsetting millennial, this essential collection perfectly combines contemorary aromas in a vibrant package. It sympathetically brings out the best in our ethos of crelty-free organic products to the onlooers of best skincare at an approachable footprint.

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Organic Collection

LAVAL has its own organic range filled with 100%

natural ingredients including herbs, flowers and medicinal roots, sourced from deep indian forests. These products are effectively sun dried, cleaned, powdered and artistically handcrafted. The 'organic' is our purest herbal skin and hair care range encapsulated to preserve its core nature and hence presented in its true powdered from with zero preservatives. These products could be easily blended at home with the combination of any natural ingredient


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LAVAL products are free from Harmful
chemicals like Sulphates, Silicones  &
Parabens, Sulphate with the highest quality of ingredients, purest essential oils, certified preservatives, pharma grade color, and dermatologically tested. We are one of the first brands in India to be working on a pure ayurvedic formula with the modern technology of stem cells.

Our story

I Prithika, the co-founder of Laval, as a young girl, was a staunch follower of the cosmetics available in the market which were ultimately filled with harmful chemicals, but labelled as organic. Once in my lifetime, I met with a fatal accident. This accident was the one, which totally spoiled my looks with the acne, scars, rosacea and overweight. In such vulnerable situation, where there was hardly any ray of hope left with me, I decided to opt for my mother’s herbal recipe and the results totally stunned me. Hence, due to this incident, I became a steadfast follower of herbal products, as I strongly believed that nothing would give as perfect results as them. Looking at my zeal of going around with creating and experimenting organically based potions, my family motivated me and my sister; who was my backbone throughout the entire journey, to launch our own brand, using the same ideology as our mother, who used to create her own highly effective purely organic concoctions at home for us. Hence, Laval was born.  


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